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We work with organizations around the globe and have the experience, resources and team necessary to dramatically enhance your online visibility. We will do an online review of your business/organization presence and define what must be done to maximize your online visibility.

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What Do Our Internet Marketing SEO Consulting & SEO Services Include?

Fully understand the steps we take to ensure that our internet marketing strategies generate maximum results for our clients. We work with organizations of all sizes, all around the globe. If you have a website – or need one – we can optimize it and rank it so that you get relevant traffic to your site. We also advise on social media strategies that will maximize your visibility, grow brand familiarity, and engage prospects.

Website Optimization Evaluation

The first step we take is review your website to understand the overall structure, website performance and how much onsite optimization will be needed. This will give us a snapshot of your overall site health and help our team determine what we need to do in order to improve your website ranking.

Keyword Ranking Review

We conduct a thorough investigation of all keywords that your website is currently ranking for in Google. Keywords are phrases that your potential website visitors are using to search online for the products or services your business offers. Sometimes websites already rank for good keywords in the top 100 results and they need some extra help to increase their visibility. This keyword research provides insights into the terms that your website should be optimized for both onsite and offsite.

Offsite SEO Evaluation

We analyze your website’s backlink profile. This is an evaluation of links that point to your website. In the case that there are low quality or harmful links, these will need to be disavowed in Google Webmaster Tools. Most websites have low quality backlinks pointing to them without the owner’s knowledge. Links from the wrong sites will prevent your website from arriving on the first page of Google for your desired keyword phrases.

Website Re-Design / Optimization

For SEO purposes, many great looking websites have been poorly structured and have slow load times, do not have an effective taxonomy (structured organization), have under-optimized images and have not been constructed based upon keyword research. Once we finish optimizing and/or re-designing your website, it will be ready for search engine ranking. Every single client of ours has needed some degree of onsite website optimization. Sometimes, in local SEO marketing it is possible to rank an under-optimized site but businesses competing for national or global SEO ranking must have an optimized website.

Start With A Local Presence

Emphasizing a local presence – even when competing in the global marketplace – is extremely important. We strongly believe that the best and easiest market to penetrate is your immediate location, while you build national and international ranking. With our Google Maps Local SEO service one of the most effective things that can be done to immediately drive traffic to your website is to rank your business in the local maps results.

Highly Visible Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing is a powerful extension of your brand. This is the perception that your marketing creates in your potential client’s and existing client’s minds. Branding via social media campaigns gives your business the opportunity to differentiate itself from the competition. If you have something exceptional to offer, then it is likely you will get a lot of social media interest. If you are in a “not-so-sexy” business niche, then we can help you be creative. Does social media marketing affect SEO? Yes and no. A high quality website will have social buzz happening and this fits into the search engine algorithms. Social marketing alone will not help your search engine ranking but when combined with SEO campaigns, it sends the proper signal to Google that your website is an authority site.

Harness the Power of Press Releases

Officially announcing your business, products and services is a time-tested way to get some attention. Online press releases are also a great way to get your website to rank locally, nationally and boost your brand. If you have a unique offering or service, don’t be surprised if you get a call or email from local news sites who want to feature your business.

Not only do press releases give your website authority, they also have the potential of generating local buzz on social media. The power of a press release is that nowadays it is the great equalizer between large, multinational businesses, the sole entrepreneur, and the spectrum in-between. Within 24 hours, our marketing agency can submit a press release to over 350 different news outlets.

Video Marketing that Ranks

“A picture is worth a thousand words…” and video is a series of pictures sequenced together. Video campaigns are a powerful way to educate, inform and inspire your potential clients. If your service is experiential or your product has a setup guide or needs to be seen to be believed, then don’t just say it… Show it! People go to YouTube for the 3 E’s: entertainment, education and evaluation. Videos and channels on YouTube also need to be optimized so that they can be ranked in Google and YouTube search. Everything that needs to be done to optimize your website also needs to be done for your YouTube channel. Every business can benefit from video marketing.

Local & National SEO Campaigns

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of increasing the rankings of keyword terms in a search engine (Google is currently the most popular search engine). SEO can be broken into 3 distinct categories: local, national and global. This refers to the geographic location of your target market. If you only do business in San Diego, California then you need local SEO. If you target markets in multiple cities in the same country or have a business that serves one or more specific countries, then you need national SEO. If your potential clients/customers could be anywhere in the world then you need global SEO.

In order to position your website in Google for specific keyword phrases that are relevant to your business, we first need to research the keyword phrases to determine which ones are buying phrases, then we optimize your website content for these buying terms, and then send signals to Google that your website is an authority for these keyword phrases. Essentially, SEO is showing Google that your website should be considered to be an authority site in a specific niche because other websites link to your site for your keyword phrases. SEO is a constantly evolving practice and Google always changes the algorithms to ensure that it’s search engine users receive the most relevant results based upon their search criteria.

Global sEO for Massive online Exposure

Global SEO campaigns can drive massive amounts of traffic and are perfect for businesses and organizations who are not limited by borders. Digital products, educational portals, virtual services, information products, tangible export products, and companies seeking to maximize their brand influence can benefit greatly by establishing their global presence. The global online market is the toughest to rank in, but we have you covered and can rank the most competitive keyword phrases.

Ready for Maximum Visibility With Your SEO Internet Marketing?


Let’s Schedule a Strategy Session

We work with organizations around the globe and have the experience, resources and team necessary to dramatically enhance your online visibility. We will do an online review of your business/organization presence and define what must be done to maximize your online visibility.

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