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    3. After the 3 month period is up, the work will remain and the winner will receive a discounted quote to continue with our services.
  3. All contestants can request a free on-page analysis of their websites.

Frequently Asked Questions


People are naturally skeptical when it comes to “free” things because there is often a catch. If you enter our free monthly contest, by request we can also do a comprehensive free analysis of your website’s issues and search ranking potential.

This is the starting point that we begin with all new clients. Our comprehensive assessment will identify technical issues, on page optimization issues, current keyword ranking, and other important factors for you to make a fully informed decision.

Free Technical SEO Report Overview



1. “Findability”

We analyze how is it is to find your website. This includes the indexification of your web pages, server uptime, robots.txt, 40x errors, 50x errors, sitemap issues, and more.



2. Architecture

Most new client websites have moderate to severe architectural errors that cause a website to lose potential power and authority. In this analysis we review breadcrumbs, navigation, footer, and site depth and structure.



3. URLs

One of the more common and overlooked issues presented by new clients is the format (or lack of) being used in the URL structure in a website. Often there are issues with delimiters, dynamic URLs, and absolute versus relative URLs.



4. Technical On Page

It is not uncommon for us to see new client websites that have no meta content and no use of page headings. Such sites often lack structured data, do not have enough written content (subject to thin content penalties), have oversized images, ‘dofollow’ outbound links, and other issues that need to be resolved.



5. Equity

Another important factor that we evaluate is the flow of ‘power’ throughout a website. A lot of cheap search engine ranking companies can’t afford to spend time optimizing their clients’ websites because their business model is to just point and fire with cheap backlinks. A properly structured site will utilize 301 redirects, fix redirect chains, and check ‘nofollow’ status throughout the site to ensure that maximum benefits are received from search optimization services.




Speed Optimization Free SEO Analysis


Basically, Google wants a website to load in 3 seconds or less. Now, you can look at many big name companies and some websites load faster than others, but if you’re trying to rise to the top in your niche, you don’t want to overlook this relatively simple fix.

Speed is important because it affects user bounce rates. If someone clicks on your website link and then has to wait 20 seconds for the site to load, a portion of your site visitors are going to click back and leave the page. This hurts your site ranking potential.

With our clients we use some very powerful tools to make the load times as quick as possible. On average, our client web pages are under 3 MB in size and load in under 3 seconds.


On Page Free SEO Audit

On page optimization is mainly based upon the quality of keyword research that has been conducted. The keywords used on a specific web page should be contextual and relevant to the content of the page.

What we often see with new clients is an overall lack of understanding in terms of how keyword phrases affect the URL structure, meta content, page titles, keyword density, and internal linking strategy.

We review:

  • The page URL
  • The page title
  • The page meta description
  • The page headings
  • Image ALT tags

These are the most critical elements of an on page audit. Additionally, the quality of such a search engine optimization audit is dependent upon the understanding of the keywords being targeted.


Google Free SEO Tools


Google Search Console (previously named Webmaster Tools) is a critical part of organic search ranking campaigns. The following points are what we analyze using Google free tools with new clients:


1. Is Google Analytics linked to the Google Search Consule?

It is a good idea to link these Google accounts because it makes it easier to correlate search optimization efforts with actual events that occur on a website.


2. Do internal links within the website exist?

Internal linking is a powerful way to send clear signals to Google regarding the content on a site and what keywords should be associated with a specific page. In the Search Consule you can identify the internal linking strategies being applied.


3. Are there manual actions on a website?

Remember when you tried to DIY your search engine optimization campaign and bought 10,000 backlinks for $5 from a guy in India…? That was probably a ‘no-no’ and if you got caught by Google, you’ll have a manual action flag on your account.

We can help you fix it. Just remember, good things are good because they cost real money.


4. Identify Page Not Found errors

This can happen if you change plugins on a WordPress site, forget to redirect a link, or have some other technical errors on your site. GSC will alert you to such issues so that you (we?) can fix them ASAP.


5. Pages blocked by Robots.txt

Sometimes a web page can be blocked due to erroneous information in the robots.txt file. We can be sure to update this file to best serve your website ranking goals.


6. Are my web pages indexed?

This is the sad fate of many websites. All too often a business will invest tens of thousands on their website and want to spend only tens of dollars on their ranking campaigns. The way to get your ROI is the other way around… Most web designers know very little about web design and often do not create sites that are capable of being indexed.

If your site pages aren’t indexed, they won’t show up in search. No search result = no organic visitors.


7. What is my sitemap indexation?

The sitemap is a list of all of the current pages on your website. If your website is not properly structured, optimized, or has duplicate page content then certain pages may not be indexed in Google search results


Do A Free SEO Ranking Check

One of the first things that we do is a general reverse-rank review. This means we identify the keyword phrases your website currently ranks for plus any keyword phrases that you want it to rank for…

The reverse rank review helps us to understand how search engines like Google are understanding the current context of your website and its relevancy.

We use a variety of different paid tools to do this review.

Use a Free SEO Keyword Tool


In our initial analysis we also use a keyword tool that helps us to understand what keyword phrases should be targeted by a website.

Often a client will come to us saying that they want to rank for a general keyword phrase that receives 100,000 monthly searches. But in reality, that phrase is often used for academic research, general information, and information-gathering searches. Ranking for such a phrase could be difficult, because you will be in competition with Wikipedia, dictionary sites, university sites, and other high authority sites.

What you really want are keyword phrases that emphasize buyer-intent. We help our clients to identify such keywords.