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How to Define A Dental Clinic’s Target Market

How to Define A Dental Clinic’s Target Market

Having a Clearly Define Dental Target Market Simplifies Everything
We know that you can most likely treat anything within the spectrum of your profession, but your key clients want to know they are going to a specialist.

You found and are currently reading this post because Sapid Agency targets dental practices that want to achieve the highest visibility in their target markets. Similar to you, in our area of expertise, we can help practically any organization rank on the first page of Google if they follow our recommendations.

In the case of a dental clinic, potential dental patients with specific problems are looking for specialists, but most people are interested in preventing dental problems and want a routine cleaning and check-up. Sapid Agency can help you funnel the general patients searching for dental services to your practice, and then help you to better define ways to attract more specialized patients.
Define the Solutions to the Problems Your Potential Dental Patients Want
It is most likely that a large percentage of your potential new patients are looking for the general dentistry-related keywords or for a practice that is geographically located in a convenient area. The way to penetrate the market is to begin to think like the person who has the problems that you specialize in treating. What are they searching for…?

Some of the following common dental problems have numerous related (SEO keyword phrase) associations that your website and Google My Business profile should be ranking for on page 1.
Rank your website for common dental problems

Bad breath – halitosis
Tooth decay
Gum disease – periodontal disease
Oral cancer
Mouth sores – canker sores
Tooth erosion
Tooth sensitivity
Dental emergencies – broken / cracked teeth
Cosmetic treatments – whitening / dental implants / etc

Create a Dental Patient Avatar to Better Understand Your Local Dental Market Place
Imagine that you were your ideal dental patient, but you had no formal background in dentistry. How would you explain your problem? What are the pains, symptoms or discomforts you are experiencing. What are the solutions that you want to experience? If you had to type your problems into a search engine like Google, what would you be searching for…?
Reverse Engineer Your Dental Services Marketing
Most dentists offer services, but you might also have a product that you market so this technique applies to either a service or a product. You are the expert (at least you should be if your are the dentist or the individual in charge of internet marketing for a dental practice) so outline a full description of your services.

What is the basic service that you offer to everyone? Why do they need it? Who can benefit from it? What benefits are expected? What are the common fears, concerns or misconceptions that the average person might have? What does a new patient want to feel when they walk out of your office?
Marketing Yourself as A Dentist Specializing in a Specific Niche Will Bring You General Patients
Helping a person solve a specific dental problem will bring you general patients. When people are happy, they love to share. That is what you want…. Raving fans. When you notice that a patient experiences some immediate relief, ask them how good they feel and don’t hesitate to give them a post-hypnotic suggestion to share their experience with the people they care about even if they don’t have the same problem as that client… Believe me, they will.
Narrow Down Your Dental Market to Reach Your Ideal Clients
Why is clarity important? It allows you to have a clear vision regarding the services you offer and the specific people you focus on helping. It also makes it simple for people to remember you when they meet you. Of course, you’re a dentist… but you’re also the dentist who specializes in “[your area of expertise]”. This is more memorable than the dentist who treats anyone for anything.

When you specialize and you do well branding yourself, you’ll also get this sort of referral: “Hi Dr., I know you specialize in [specialty] but I have a friend who needs [problem scenario]. Is this something you can do, or do you have a recommendation for another dentist who can do [solve problem].” Those recommendations are golden.
“If you go too wide, you drown in opportunity” – Mark Cuban
What is your Dental Clinic’s Service Value Proposition?
The value proposition is typically discovered during the process of defining a business’s product or service. It is imperative that you be able to pinpoint exactly what value your product or service provides the marketplace.

What problem do you solve?

How do you help people?

Take out a piece of paper and write one sentence describing each service you offer.
Now, write out a list of each main feature of each service your dental clinic provides.
Next to each feature list the benefits it provides, and if they exist, the benefits of those benefits.
Once you have your benefits listed, make a list of people who have a need that your benefit fills.

This is your dental practice’s value proposition!

When you combine this degree of clarity regarding your target market, then it becomes much easier to position your brand and your services in from of the market that is looking for the dental solutions you offer.
Contact Sapid Agency Today for Dental Clinic Digital Marketing Help
We are expert consultants in digital marketing and search engine optimization for dentists. We can help you to identify your target market, structure your website, leverage social media campaigns, and rank for traffic-driving, relevant keyword phrases.

If you want to stand out at the top of your market, then contact us today and we will identify what it takes to maximize your online visibility.

Michael EmeryMichael Emery, founder of Sapid Agency, received a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Advertising Management from Portland State University and a Master of Arts from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He has been involved in online marketing since...
Developing a Dental Internet Marketing Plan

Developing a Dental Internet Marketing Plan

The Need for a Dental Practice Internet Marketing Strategy
Nearly every person involved in a business endeavor recognizes the need for a business plan, yet some business owners do not realize an internet marketing strategy is just as essential. Unlike a general business plan, an advertising and internet marketing strategy focuses on gaining and also maintaining patients for the long run. It is precise, realistic and also includes very reasonable numbers, facts and objectives.
Defining A Target Market for Your Dentistry Niche
A great marketing strategy spells out all the tools as well as techniques one can utilize to attain your dental practice’s sales objectives. It is your plan of action that defines what  specifically you will market, who your target market or target niche is, and the tactics you will utilize to generate leads that result in sales. Your practice’s internet marketing plan does not need to be lengthy or professionally drafted. In fact, it can be as simple as a few bullet points that define what you offer, who you desire to treat and what you will do to position yourself in front of your target market. The main questions are:

“What sets you apart from your dental competition?”
“Are you trained in any specialized treatments or services?”
“Is there a specific demographic that you want to target?”
“If you had to choose a primary focus for your dental practice, what would it be?”

Why PPC Dental Ads Help With Immediate Marketing Success
Dental clinics that succeed in long-term marketing usually start with an online advertising campaign since it is the quickest way to drive traffic to your website or make the phone ring. We recommend that a reasonable budget be set aside for AdWords PPC (pay per click) for two reasons. First, it will help you drive traffic to your website and you can focus on the factors necessary to optimize your conversion efforts.

Secondly, there are correlations between defining the keywords a specific web page is optimized to rank for, then signaling the main search engine (Google) via its advertising service that your pages are targeting these keywords. Essentially, it helps to do some of the legwork for Google and basically tell the algorithms that your intention is that a page rank for specific keywords. When combined with local SEO we have witnessed quicker rank movements than when this strategy is not followed.
What Time Frame Should a Marketing Strategy for Dentists Cover?
The initial plan should establish activities for one year. For most practices, this is the most effective timeline to consider since it allows time for testing but is not focused upon immediate results. If you choose to use niche SEO services, then you must plan on 12 months minimum for any search engine keyword positioning.

There is a common misunderstanding about what dental SEO services involve. Ranking is not immediate. While our services usually put a website on pages 2-4 of Google within the first couple of months, the battle for page 1 and then the top 3 results of page 1 is a lengthy process. The reason for this is that we essentially must match the backlink profile, social media activities and the authority of your competitors’ sites.

This cannot be done overnight because any attempts will trigger Google’s algorithms for artificial link building. Instead, slow, consistent actions must be put into play with our internet marketing services [LINK]. When combined with new content and social media activities, the website develops its authority and power.
How Do You Define Marketing Goals for your Dental Clinic?
You must know what your target market is searching for… this will define where to focus your efforts and the number of potential clients looking for what you have to offer. There are various ways to get these insights.

1. Create a Google AdWords account. Login and search in your geographic area for keywords relating to your specific area of service or specialty.

2. Go to Twitter search [https://twitter.com/search-home?lang=en] and enter terms relating to your practice focus and target market. These hashtags will reveal additional keywords.

3. Create a Facebook page for your practice and enter the Facebook Ads console and search for keywords relating to your geographic area and target market.

4. Search YouTube using your primary keyword phrases and notice what the ‘autosuggest’ search feature reveals.

Once you have some ideas in terms of what your target market is looking for in your specific geographic area, then you know what keywords to target with your webpages, YouTube videos, and social media hashtags.
Dream a Little and Imagine a 10 Year Dental Marketing Plan Unfolding
How would you like your local dental clinic to operate in 10 years? How many people would be involved? What services would you offer? Would you have satellite locations? Would you still treat patients or would you manage the practice while other dentists treat patients?

It is this vision of the not-too-distant future that will motivate you and keep you on track. The more clarity it has, the easier it is to stay with the process and allow the marketing plan to evolve.

The most important factor to keep in mind is that there will always be changes and what works tomorrow may not work in a year. As SEO consultants, we make sure that use evergreen strategies with our clients. Our goal is to keep our dental SEO clients happy and profitable for the long term. Sapid Agency’s reputation depend upon your success, and the systems and strategies that we put into play are based upon the foundational principles behind long-term search engine ranking.

The Benefits of an Internet Marketing Plan for Dentists
Having a strategy to stick to makes a difference; especially when shared with the members of your practice. You will find that when everyone is onboard and understands the implications of achieving business goals, there is a greater degree of ownership.

Sharing your practice’s internet marketing strategy creates camaraderie and helps enlist people in your big picture vision for your practice. Especially if you can show each employee how they can earn more money from taking greater degrees of responsibility and pro-activeness.
Contact Sapid Agency Today
Sapid Agency is compromised of a growing global team of experts in digital marketing and search engine optimization for dentists. We can help you to identify your target market, structure your website, leverage social media campaigns, and rank for traffic-driving, relevant keyword phrases.

If you want to stand out at the top of your local dental market, then contact us today and we will identify what it takes to maximize your online visibility.

Michael EmeryMichael Emery, founder of Sapid Agency, received a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Advertising Management from Portland State University and a Master of Arts from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He has been involved in online marketing since...
The Cost of In-House Chiropractic Marketing Online

The Cost of In-House Chiropractic Marketing Online

When does it make sense to hire a digital marketing agency to take charge of your chiropractic marketing online? Should you ever consider creating your own in-house internet marketing team? Can you do it yourself and should you do it yourself?

The time to do your own internet marketing for your chiropractic clinic is when you aren’t sure if you are going to be able to afford next month’s lease payment. If your clinic is stable but you want — need — more patients in order to weather any sudden surprises or to scale up your vision, then you need to outsource your digital marketing.

Marketing online for chiropractic clinics is multi-faceted

Digital marketing involves a broad spectrum of activities, platforms, strategies and channels. Each of which change or evolve every year. In the case of a new clinic without an established online presence, you’ll find that quick results can be experienced with PPC (pay-per-click advertising like AdWords) but they will also be costly. Facebook ads can also deliver but it is expensive to dial in a campaign as a lot of testing is required.

The best mix is solid web design, search engine optimization, social media campaigns, PPC and content marketing. Then email marketing and re-targeting can help to ensure that your brand has a consistent presence in your target market’s mind.

How to analyze the marketing budget for a chiropractic clinic

A marketing assessment can help you determine why you’ll most likely always want to outsource your digital marketing needs.

What is your approximate monthly budget for marketing online?


Let’s estimate that an average, full time, experienced online marketing manager will cost approximately $50,000 a year (probably $25,000 more minimum in cities with high costs of living). This is also someone who has an employee mentality. Some of the challenges with this is that they are going to be security motivated, not necessarily performance motivated. In other words, if they do too well then they raise the bar for themselves, so often at an unconscious level they do just enough to be above average and not lose their job.

Another consideration is that if they were good at internet marketing, they could start their own local agency and earn many times more than their annual income. So you must consider just how good they are at internet marketing and if they have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to take your practice to the next level.

That said, one person simply cannot compete with the team of individuals it takes to effectively do internet marketing. At Sapid Agency, we have specialists for social media management, content creation, web design, PPC management and SEO campaigns. Additionally, economies of scale work to our benefit as we can leverage our systems across numerous clients to reduce overhead while your in-house overhead will stay fixed.

Can your in-house chiropractic marketer really design and rank a page?

Some important considerations to consider is that to stay within a reasonable budget, your web design/SEO/marketing guru is going to have to wear multiple hats and we’ve never seen this work out well. But, never say never… The following are some questions to ask this person or yourself:

Are SEO and web design related?
How does keyword research affect website structure?
Is there a correlation between load time, click through rate and bounce rate?
What is the target keyword ratio for a page and how do you track this?
How does social media affect SEO?

Just because someone can make a website that looks decent, doesn’t mean that the same person can rank the pages on the website – or even more critical – that the pages created by that person can be ranked. Website optimization is something we have had to do on every single client site, since most web designers have no clue what effective web design for search engine optimization requires.

Do you or your employees already have online marketing skills?

Effective online marketing for a competitive niche like chiropractic is going to require a specialized team that can streamline tasks and productivity. First of all you need a digital marketing consultant who can assess the big picture potential trajectory of your practice and conduct a digital marketing SWOT analysis.

Then you need web designers who can SEO optimize a site based upon keyword research provided by the digital marketing consultant.

Then you need content creators who can write high quality content to target specific niches.

You need a social media manager who knows how to effectively backlink and use hashtags and operate a social media campaign calendar. Then you need an SEO manager to conduct search engine optimization campaigns. And then, you need an advertising manager to run PPC ad campaigns while building the digital marketing master plan.

In most cases, one single person cannot do all of that and do it well.

Do you have the budget to recruit an online marketing team for a chiropractic clinic?

The right group of people with the experience, skill sets and ability to create and manage the systems necessary for digital marketing success is what makes an effective team. Unfortunately, they won’t come cheap if you intend to keep them in-house. Additional questions to ask yourself are:

Do you have the resources necessary to hire and maintain a good chiropractic clinic marketing team?

How much of your business currently comes from internet marketing?Are you in a competitive niche? (Yes, chiropractors are some of the more savvy marketers out there and this is usually a competitive niche unless you are in a small town!)Are your services complex and required specialized knowledge to understand and explain them? (Yes…)Do you have the resources to invest in the systems and technology necessary for maximum online exposure and the ability to maintain and manage them?Do you keep up with the latest trends affecting social media marketing, SEO, web design best practices, PPC strategies and online reputation management?Do you know who exactly your target audience is and how/where to reach them?Do you believe that digital marketing is a critical component of a business’s long term success?

Learn how Sapid Agency can market your chiropractic clinic online

Search engine optimization is not outdated. It is in-fact falling into the realm of best practices as it becomes clearer (to SEO veterans) what search engines demand in order to rank websites. Not only do we rank your website, we will ensure that your site is optimized and that the social media strategies in play are complimentary to the overall digital marketing strategy.

Reach out to us today and we will analyze your current marketing results, and the the potential opportunities in store should you hire Sapid Agency to consult with you regarding your chiropractic marketing online.

Michael EmeryMichael Emery, founder of Sapid Agency, received a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Advertising Management from Portland State University and a Master of Arts from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He has been involved in online marketing since...